Installing Joint-Lock Sand is an easy alternative to using regular paver sand. Follow the steps below carefully to ensure long lasting beauty and a quality finished product. Keep in mind that polymeric sand and the paving stones need to remain dry and clean for optimum product bond and durability. Before proceeding to the installation make sure there is no rain in the forcast for at least 12 hours and that the surface of the pavers joints are free of debris and clean.



Pour Joint-Lock Sand evenly over the entire area to be finished. The maximum recommended joint width is 1/2" Wide. For best application strength minimum joint width should be 1/8




Sweep the sand thouroughly into the paver joints, making sure that you have an even and completely filled joint.

Note: If applying to an existing paver application use pressure washer first, let dry, then follow application steps.




Use a Gas Powered Plate Compactor to ensure proper compaction into the paver joints. After this step repeat steps 1-3 again to make sure you have fully compacted Joint-Lock Sand into the paver joints to ensure a strong bond.


Remove all excess Joint-Lock Sand from the surface of the pavers. (Any sand that remains on the surface will be difficult to remove once water is applied. Follow this step carefully.


Carefully Flood the area using wide light sprays to not disturb the joints. Make sure the area is completely flooded to ensure that the sand between the joints is properly activated.


After completion of the project enjoy your patio or driveway or deck for years to come with Joint-Lock Paver Finishing Sand.